Many of you have asked us ,
as is actually the Weekend of Horrors emerged .

The idea is ALREADY Prior to 2005, emerged ;
and in2005 : we have ALREADY First WoH performed.

Andrea Krueger – Proprietor of WoH – has invested a lot of money in this idea.
From a beginning until today , they just die in the background pulling the strings .

Initially, the event has been carried out in different locations.
Including also die in the hall Münsterland , Turbine Hall Oberhausen Or Even Bottrop hall .

Initially, there was the WoH available 2 times a year. However wished yourself die Visitors to the event is always better guests. The war with the cost of operations for the WoH is hardly solvable. Therefore, it was decided Sich, the WoH only be carried out once a year. In the increasingly extensive organization and even better guests invited Will , die remained basically only the decision of this amazing horror – a spectacle to be limited in time .

Today is the WoH out of the European Horror – Scene Non become indispensable.
The Weekend Of Horrors Enjoys . From year to year Larger acceptance and popularity Every year : we have growing audiences on the event.

Today , Weekend Of Horrors is a hard -established event the calves yet to be matched .

Andrea Krueger die holder of the Weekend Of Horrors Executes the business of starting a With a steady hand and a lot of heart from the background.
Unfortunately Latest developments have given out did yourself man from the former representatives had to separate .
But many of the suppliers , celebrities and fans of WoH have already commented positively Law on the good performance in the company’s policy. Connected to the SO , newly adopted strategy , now meets on a huge energy full echo and we look forward to future cooperation with all die .

Now the WoH has finally die possibility with renewed strength to continue to grow .