Harry Manfredini hat die Musik für fast 100 Filme komponiert, darunter viele Klassiker wie FREITAG DER 13. (alle Teile), HOUSE 1,2 & 4, DEEP STAR SIX, WISHMASTER und SWAMP THING…

Er wird auf dem 7. Weekend of Horrors am Freitag und Samstag je einen Workshop halten.

1. Filmmusik
2. Filmmusik speziell für Musiker

Teilnehmen kann jeder der eine Eintrittskarte zum 7. Weekend of Horrors hat, der Workshop ist kostenlos!

Außerdem wird er natürlich Autogramme schreiben, und an den Photoshoots teilnehmen.

Weitere Infos zu seinem Workshop findet Ihr in Kürze im Bereich PROGRAMM

Wir freuen uns sehr das er zum 7. Weekend of Horrors kommt.

Bestell hier Dein Photoshoot Ticket mit Harry Manfredini!

Filmusik von Harry Manfredini:

Stingy Jack (2011) (pre-production) (music by)
Hallow Pointe (2010) (pre-production)
Legend of the Red Reaper (2010) (filming)
Get Off My Porch (2010)
The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond (2009)
Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith (2009) (TV)
Dog (2009/I)
Stem Cell (2009) (main composer)
Mrs. Brumett’s Garden (2009)
Playing with Fire (2008/I) (music composer)
iMurders (2008)
Dead and Gone (2008)
House of Usher (2008)
Anna Nicole (2007)
The Election (2007)
The Bad Son (2007) (TV)
Unthinkable (2007) (TV)
Death Without Consent (2007)
Christmas on Chestnut Street (2006) (TV)
Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film (2006)
Amber’s Story (2006) (TV)
All In (2006)
Choker (2005)
The Suspect (2005)
Torn Apart (2004) (TV)
Caught in the Headlights (2004)
Return to Crystal Lake: Making ‘Friday the 13th’ (2003) (V)
Wolves of Wall Street (2002)
Terminal Invasion (2002) (TV)
The Many Lives of Jason Voorhees (2002) (V)
By Any Means Necessary: The Making of ‘Jason X’ (2002) (V)
Endangered Species (2002)
Bad Karma (2002)
Jason X (2001)
XCU: Extreme Close Up (2001)
Carman: The Champion (2001)
The Omega Code (1999)
The Lion’s Den (1998)
Follow Your Heart (1998/I)
Hidden Agenda (1998)
Wishmaster (1997)
A Gun, a Car, a Blonde (1997)
Catherine’s Grove (1997)
Raven (1996) (V)
Timemaster (1995)
Storybook (1995)
Dead on Sight (1994)
Cries Unheard: The Donna Yaklich Story (1994) (TV)
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)
My Boyfriend’s Back (1993)
Amore! (1993)
Kickboxer 3: The Art of War (1992)
Aces: Iron Eagle III (1992)
House IV (1992) (V)
Angel of Death (1990) (TV)
Double Revenge (1990)
War of the Worlds (10 episodes, 1989-1990)
The Horror Show (1989)
DeepStar Six (1989)
Private War (1988)
Cameron’s Closet (1988)
Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)
House II: The Second Story (1987)
There’s a Nightmare in My Closet (1987)
Slaughter High (1986)
A Pocket for Corduroy (1986) (TV)
Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986)
House (1986)
The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1985)
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)
Zombie Island Massacre (1984)
Corduroy (1984) (TV)
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)
Hrafninn flýgur (1984)
Spring Break (1983)
The Returning (1983)
Friday the 13th Part III (1982)
Swamp Thing (1982)
Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)
The Children (1980)
Friday the 13th (1980/I)
The Kirlian Witness (1979)
Night-Flowers (1979)
Here Come the Tigers (1978)
Manny’s Orphans (1978)
A Secret Space (1977)
Three Dangerous Ladies (1977)
Danny (1977)
The End of the Game (1976)
Through the Looking Glass (1976)
The Case of the Cosmic Comic (1976)
Mr. & Ms. and the Magic Studio Mystery (1975) (TV)
Angel and Big Joe (1975)