Kathleen Kinmont can be seen in over 40 films, including two special films: BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR and HALLOWEEN 4! She can currently be seen in MONSTER THEATRE PIECE VOLUME 1.

TV fans surely recognize her for her participation in the series RENEGADE, where she has starred in 87 episodes! This is her first appearance in Europe!

In addition to Jeffrey Combs, she is the second guest from the Re-Animator films.

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Movies and TV Shows with Kathleen Kinmont:

Eldorado -Lilly
2009 Turpin (short) – Lady Victoria
2006 The Absence of Light – Abbey Church
2005 Domestic Strangers – Counselor
2003 Flesh for the Beast – Carla the Gypsy
1994 To Die For – Mrs. Pignon
1992 Sweating Bullets (TV series) – Alicia Simmons
1989 Dead Eyes – Nora McJudge
1988 Cue Gary (TV series)
1988 Maigret (TV movie) – Carolyn Page
1987 Faceless – Barbara Hallen
1987 El aullido del diablo – Carmen
1986 Cinderella: The Shoe Must Go On (TV movie) – Game Show Hostess
1986 Die Todesparty – Carol Manning
1982 Love to Kill – Jana Bates
1980 Maniac – Anna D’Antoni
1978 Star Crash – Sterne im Duell – Stella Star
1977 Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone – Tammy
1977 James Bond 007 – Der Spion, der mich liebte – Naomi
1976 The Howerd Confessions (TV series) – Captain Latour
1976 Der sechste Kontinent – Dia
1975 Der Teufel in ihr – Mandy Gregory
1974 Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter – Carla
1973 Sindbads gefährliche Abenteuer – Margiana
1972 Die Rückkehr des Dr. Phibes – Victoria Regina Phibes (uncredited)
1972 Dracula jagt Mini-Mädchen – Laura Bellows
1971 Kraft Music Hall Presents: The Des O’Connor Show
1971 Das Schreckenskabinett des Dr. Phibes – Victoria Regina Phibes (uncredited)
1969 Where’s Jack? – Madame Vendonne
1969 A Talent for Loving – Evalina
1968 Joanna – Extra (uncredited)
1966 Casino Royale – Guard Girl
1966 G.G. Passion (short) – Extra
1966 Fumo di Londra – Extra