Diamond Dallas Page participated in movies like THE DEVILS REJECTS, HOOD OF HORROR or DRIFTWOOD.

The 1.93m giant is best-known as WCW and WWE Wrestling star, who has won many many titles!

This is Diamond Dallas Page first convention appearance in Germany!

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Movies & TV Shows with Diamond Dallas Page

Vengeance (post-production)
2011 Red & Blue Marbles – JP
2011 Pizza Man – Kryder/The Big Cheese
2010 GSN Live – Dallas Page (2010) … Guest
2010 Gallowwalker – Skullbucket
2008 Bald – Huge Bruce
2006 Driftwood – Captain Kennedy
2006 Splinter – Detective Stiles
2006 Hood of Horror – Jersey
2006 Jack’s Law – Spider Benson
2006 PWU: Jam Session 11 & Crazy 8 (video)
2006 MCW: Xtreme Measures (video)
2006 Nice Guys – Sleezy Guy
2005 TDR – The Devil’s Rejects – Billy Ray Snapper
2004 UPW: Destruction in the Desert (video)
2004 The Scam Artist – Lenny
2001 WCW Superbrawl Revenge (video)
2000 WCW Spring Stampede (video)
2000 WCW Souled Out (video)
1999 Die Tochter des Präsidenten – Dirk Lindman
1999 WCW Slamboree 1999 (video)
1998 WCW Thunder (TV series)
1996 WCW Fall Brawl 1996 (video)
1996 WCW the Great American Bash (video)
1996 WCW SuperBrawl VI (video)
1995 WCW Fall Brawl (TV movie)
1995 WCW Bash at the Beach (video)
1995 WCW the Great American Bash (video)
1994 WCW Spring Stampede (video)
1994 WCW SuperBrawl IV (video)