Horror legend Angus Scrimm will attend the 9th Weekend of Horrors! Angus Scrimm is known for his appearance as “The Tall Man” in the “PHANTASM” movies.

The 85 years old horror star is visiting conventions very rarely. We are very pleased that he will visit the Weekend of Horrors in Germany for his first and only scheduled appearance in Europe!

Under any circumstances no horror fan should miss this great opportunity to meet the iconic Angus Scrimm!

Photo shoots are strictly limited and must be preordered at [email protected]

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Movies and TV Shows with Angus Scrimm:

John Dies at the End (post-production)
2011 Femme Fatales (TV series) – Dr. Chandler
2010 Satan Hates You – Dr, Michael Gabriel
2009 Spaceman on Earth – Mr. Grouch
2008 I Sell the Dead – Dr. Vernon Quint
2008 Red 71 – Coroner
2006 Automatons – The Scientist
2006 Robert and Theresa – William
2006 Satanic – Dr. Barbary
2005 Masters of Horror – Buddy
2001-2005 Alias – Die Agentin – Calvin McCullough
2004 The Off Season – Ted
2003 Coupling – Manny
2003 The Jersey – Merlin
2002 Legend of the Phantom Rider – Preacher
2001 The Nightmare Room – Fatemaster
2001 FreakyLinks – Wilson Ashcroft
1998 X-Factor – Pete Ringwald / Pete Ringwald (The Gravedigger’s Nemesis)
2000 Bel Air – Photographer
1998 Phantasm IV: Oblivion – The Tall Man / Dr. Jebediah Morningside
1997 Wishmaster – Narrator (voice)
1996 Vampirella – High Elder
1996 Fatal frames: Fotogrammi mortali – Man in Grey
1994 Munchie Strikes Back – Kronas
1994 Das Böse III – The Tall Man
1993 Deadfall – Dr. Lyme
1992 Munchie – Undertaker
1992 Mindwarp – Seer/Systems Operator
1991 Diener des Bösen – King Vladislav
1989 Transylvania Twist – Stefen
1989 The Nutt House – Grim Reaper
1988 Das Böse II – The Tall Man
1986 Chopping Mall – Dr. Carrington (as Lawrence Guy)
1985 The Lost Empire – Dr. Sin Do/Lee Chuck
1980 Nightkill – Desert rat (scenes deleted)
1980 Witches’ Brew – Carl Groton (as Lawrence Guy)
1979 Das Böse – The Tall Man
1978 Secrets of Three Hungry Wives – Man Guest (as Lawrence Guy)
1978 Project U.F.O. – Malan
1977 A Piece of the Action – Monk (as Lawrence Guy)
1976 Jim, the World’s Greatest – Jim’s Father (as Rory Guy)
1973/I Blutbad des Schreckens – Dr. Epstein (as Rory Guy)
1973 Sweet Kill – Henry (as Rory Guy)