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Beitragvon def&jewel » Do 10. Mär 2011, 20:56

Why are some photoshoots 20 euro ? Normally it was 15 euro and suddenly it is changed. On the prices of your website is written that a photoshoot costs 15 euro. You can not just change the rules. This is confusing !!

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Re: Photoshoot

Beitragvon dogsoldierspoon » Di 22. Mär 2011, 23:33

Still no answer yet? Considering WOH themselves say that those photoshoot tickets are limited, they ought to answer quicker…
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Re: Photoshoot

Beitragvon RoadDogg » Mi 23. Mär 2011, 19:13

For each star guest is exactly how much a photo shoot with him.Some Fotoshoots cost 20 euro and other 15 €.
A photo shoot with Larry Hagman was also the last Weekend of Horrors 25euro.It is nothing new, the photo shoots are also more expensive than 15 Euro.
WOH Neuling
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