Dick Warlock hat Michael Myers in HALLOWEEN 2 gespielt.

Außerdem war er u.a. in HALLOWEEN III, DER FEUERTEUFEL, THE ABYSS oder PUMPKINHEAD zu sehen.

Dick Warloch hat in über 100 Filmen Stunts gemacht, oft als Double für Kurt Russell.

Wir freuen uns sehr das er zu seinem ersten Auftritt in Europa zum Weekend of Horrors kommt.

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Filme und TV Serien mit Dick Warlock:

Cowboys from Hell 3D (2010) (in production) (rumored) …. JP
Raven Hawk (1996) (TV) …. Dale Rice
Dreamrider (1993) …. Drunk
Renegade …. Farmer (1 episode, 1992)
Guncrazy (1992) …. Sheriff
Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time (1991) …. Scientist #1
The Rocketeer (1991) (as Richard Warlock) …. FBI Agent
Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990) (as Richard Warlock) …. DEA Agent in Van
Spontaneous Combustion (1990) (as Richard Warlock) …. Mr. Fitzpatrick
The Abyss (1989) (as Richard Warlock) …. Dwight Perry
Pumpkinhead (1988) (as Richard Warlock) …. Clayton Heller
Remote Control (1988) (as Richard Warlock) …. Mr. James
Spaceballs (1987) (uncredited) …. Vulcan Pinch Guard
Omega Syndrome (1987) …. Marshall #1
Rags to Riches (1987) (TV) …. Man in Bar
Rags to Riches …. Man in Bar (1 episode, 1987)
Quicksilver (1986) (as Richard Warlock) …. Cab Driver
Firestarter (1984) (as Richard Warlock) …. Knowles
Magnum, P.I. …. Jimmy Kiedash (1 episode, 1984)
The Master …. Terrorist Waiter (1 episode, 1984)
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) …. Assassin
Halloween II (1981) …. The Shape / Patrolman #3
The Nude Bomb (1980) (uncredited) …. Kaos on plane
When a Stranger Calls (1979) (uncredited) …. Bartender
Emergency! …. Ambulance Attendant (1 episode, 1978)
Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo (1977) (as Richard Warlock) …. Driver
McNaughton’s Daughter (1976) (TV) (as Richard Warlock) …. Nick Fleming
Earthquake (1974) (uncredited) …. Diver at Hollywood Reservoir
Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974) …. Trooper #7
The Love Bug (1968) (as Richard Warlock) …. Driver
The Green Berets (1968) …. Soldier

Filme mit Stunts von Dick Warlock:

Spider-Man (2002) (stunts)
28 Days (2000) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
The Relic (1997) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
Casino (1995) (stunts)
Tough and Deadly (1995) (V) (stunts)
Love, Cheat & Steal (1993) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
Rising Sun (1993) (stunts)
Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
Dreamrider (1993) (stunts)
Live Wire (1992) (stunts)
Unlawful Entry (1992) (stunt double: Kurt Russell) (stunts)
In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion (1992) (TV) (stunts)
Married with Children (stunts) (1 episode, 1992)
Child’s Play 3 (1991) (stunt coordinator) (stunts)
Driving Me Crazy (1991/I) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
Guilty as Charged (1991) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
The Perfect Weapon (1991) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
Child’s Play 2 (1990) (stunt coordinator)
Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990) (stunts)
Spontaneous Combustion (1990) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
The Abyss (1989) (stunt coordinator)
Tequila Sunrise (1988) (stunt double: Kurt Russell) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
The Dead Pool (1988) (stunts)
Midnight Run (1988) (stunts)
Pumpkinhead (1988) (stunt coordinator) (as Richard Warlock)
Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988) (stunts)
Innerspace (1987) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
Spaceballs (1987) (stunt coordinator) (as Richard Warlock)
Omega Syndrome (1987) (stunts)
Big Trouble in Little China (1986) (stunt double: Kurt Russell) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
Convicted (1986) (TV) (stunts)
Assassin (1986) (TV) (stunts)
Commando (1985) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
Better Off Dead… (1985) (stunts)
Fletch (1985) (stunts)
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985) (stunt coordinator) (as Richard Warlock)
The Mean Season (1985) (stunt coordinator) (as Richard Warlock) (stunt double: Kurt Russell)
Body Double (1984) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
Murder, She Wrote (1984) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
The Wild Life (1984) (stunts) (as Richard Warlock)
Firestarter (1984) (stunts)
The Master (1984) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
Angel (1984) (stunt coordinator)
Christine (1983) (stunts)
The Dead Zone (1983) (stunt coordinator)
Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
The A-Team (1983) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) (stunt coordinator) (stunts)
The Thing (1982) (stunt coordinator) (stunt double: Kurt Russell)
Ghost Story (1981) (stunts)
Halloween II (1981) (stunt coordinator)
Honky Tonk Freeway (1981) (stunts)
Escape from New York (1981) (stunt coordinator) (stunt double: Kurt Russell) (stunts)
Used Cars (1980) (stunt double: Kurt Russell)
The Stunt Man (1980) (stunts)
1941 (1979) (stunts)
Butch and Sundance: The Early Days (1979) (stunts)
H.O.T.S. (1979) (stunts)
The Fantastic Seven (1979) (TV) (stunts)
The Cat from Outer Space (1978) (stunt coordinator) (as Richard Warlock) (stunts)
Freaky Friday (1976) (stunts)
Silent Movie (1976) (utility stunts)
Embryo (1976) (stunts)
Family Plot (1976) (stunts)
McNaughton’s Daughter (1976) (TV) (stunts)
The Hindenburg (1975) (stunts)
Lucky Lady (1975) (stunts)
The Ultimate Warrior (1975) (stunts)
Joe Forrester (1975) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
Rollerball (1975) (stunts)
Lepke (1975) (stunts)
The Strongest Man in the World (1975) (stunts)
Kolchak: The Night Stalker (stunts) (1 episode, 1974)
Earthquake (1974) (stunts)
The Rockford Files (1974) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
Movin’ On (1974) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
Mr. Majestyk (1974) (stunts)
Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974) (stunts)
Planet Earth (1974) (TV) (stunts)
Blazing Saddles (1974) (stunts)
The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
Superdad (1973) (stunts)
Doc Elliot (1973) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
Police Story (1973) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
Chase (1973) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
Soylent Green (1973) (stunts)
The World’s Greatest Athlete (1973) (stunts)
Snowball Express (1972) (stunts)
They Only Kill Their Masters (1972) (stunts)
Hec Ramsey (1972) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
The Streets of San Francisco (1972) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
Now You See Him, Now You Don’t (1972) (stunts)
The Biscuit Eater (1972) (stunts)
Emergency!(1972) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
Skin Game (1971) (stunts)
Longstreet (1971) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
The Barefoot Executive (1971) (stunts)
How to Frame a Figg (1971) (stunts)
Alex in Wonderland (1970) (stunts)
The Boatniks (1970) (stunts)
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969) (stunts)
The Illustrated Man (1969) (stunts)
Changes (1969) (stunts)
The Green Berets (1968) (stunts)
Blackbeard’s Ghost (1968) (stunts)
Chubasco (1967) (stunts)
The F.B.I. (1965) TV series (stunts) (unknown episodes)
Ballad of a Gunfighter (1964) (stunts)